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BNI San Diego All Chapter Regional Event Feb 1st 2010 a Huge Success!

2010 February 18
by Debbra_Sweet

As early as 6:30 am Feb 1st, 2010 you could hear the BUZZ of Effective Networking taking place at the Town & Country Hotel and Convention Center in San Diego!

Who attends an event that early in the morning?  BNI San Diego Members who are on their way to making 2010 their Best year to date!  It takes a dedicated networker to arrive in the wee hours of the morning, and in the wee hours of the morning our members did arrive!

Kicking off the event was an hour and a half of purposeful, effective networking!  It is many business owners dream to attend an event where people not only know HOW to network with each other, but more importantly, WANT to network with each other!

For those who attended this second annual all chapter event, that effective networking time has since lead to real business .. a member’s truest reward!

Dr. Ivan Misner opened up the formal sit down portion of the meeting.  Live and interactive via Web Cam, San Diego BNI members got to ask the man, the founder, the father of modern day networking any question they wanted!  Ask is what they did!   In true form, Dr. Misner openly, honestly and with great integrity delivered quality information to all the attendees!

After Dr. Misner opened the floor to the learning portion of this event, our keynote speaker, Jim Bear, director from Minnesota changed the perspective and understanding of ALL the BNI members in the room on WHY you should be asking for your referral partners, and not just your next customer.  This keynote session was one of the many highlights and highly beneficial sessions for the members who went.

Since hearing Jim’s session, the buzz around the San Diego chapters now is ” The referral partner I am asking for is….”  Soon we will share some of the REAL Dollars closed in our region in the last two weeks since learning this approach for referral results.  (Stay tuned…it’s amazing!)

Once Jim closed out his session, the conversation of the day was “All these break out sessions are GREAT! I do not know which one to go to!” The most successful chapters took a ‘divide and conquer’ approach. They sent their members off on a mission to learn, then regroup and teach each other. That is the way successful networkers work!

To wrap up the day, all the members enjoyed some much deserved recognition for some outstanding BNI chapters and members. Million Dollar chapter Plaques were awarded to the:

Del Mar, Bnillionaires, Better Business Alliance and Escondido Chapters.

Each once closed out over 1 million dollars in closed business during 2009!  Del Mar topped the charts with over 2 Million!  San Diego is on it’s way to being known as a region to watch. We have amazing members doing an incredible amount of business simply because the most successful members and chapters understand the benefit of continually increasing their education on HOW to refer effectively.

It’s a well known fact, the more you learn the more you earn.  Also, chapters that learn together EARN together!! :)   (The Better Business Alliance chapter had 21 members – out of a 40 member chapter- attend this event!) That is over 1/2 the chapter learning how to support one another! Congratulations to them!

This annual All Chapter Regional event that kicks off International Networking week will be back next year. Bigger, better, and ready to deliver high quality, high value education for you.  We look forward to seeing you there next year!

Debbra Sweet

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