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BNI San Diego Chapter Partners in Excellence Member, Andy Cruz, wins trip to New Orleans in October of 2010.

2010 November 19
by Debbra_Sweet

“I wanted to write a personal note to express our gratitude for your generosity in sending us to New Orleans.

Jenn and I have never taken a vacation, just the 2 of us.  Anytime we’ve have taken “time off” she has either been pregnant or we had the kids in tow (we have 3 daughters 5, 3, and 1 years old).  I have to admit that I forgot about the drawing for the trip.

I have many friends who are hurting in business and trying to keep their doors open.  I figured the best way to help them out was to invite them to Visitors Day. By sharing my success story, I encourage BNI to use this to help others see the opportunity for a positive experience in BNI.  They immediately saw the value of being in BNI and joined.

I was so excited to see them get business immediately that I completely forgot about the trip.  Thank you for providing an incentive despite it not being my linchpin for inviting others to join.

Jenn and I had a fabulous time in New Orleans! Our BNI Trip to New Orleans helped us increase our Network contacts. We got to spend time personally with Dr. Misner & Beth Misner on this trip.

We received training and learned some fascinating new information from Dr. Misner
himself.  He is a great story teller.  Dr. Misner used great illustrations to make his point, and to relate to his audience.

My wife and Beth (Misner) had a great conversation after the Saturday morning presentation and are planning a time to meet here in San Diego to discuss the Misner foundation.

I shared my notes that I took from the New Orleans trip with my chapter upon my return.  I also shared some select information at the Leadership Forum with our Director, Jason Godinho

Both of us left with lots of ideas and motivation to return home and do great things in our community.  We thank you for your investment in us and your support of BNI here in San Diego.

A million thanks for a wonderful trip and BNI experience.”

Andy Cruz
BNI San Diego Chapter Partners in Excellence Member

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