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BNI San Diego Networking Chapters to take a Field Trip!

2010 December 14
by Debbra_Sweet

Preparations are underway,  Leadership Teams are planning chapter field trips and members are marking their calendars for the upcoming San Diego BNI All Chapter Regional Event on Feb 7th, 2011.

Have you marked this this date in your calendar yet? It will be an event you want to participate in.

This event celebrates International Networking Week® – an initiative of BNI.

Highlights of what to expect:

1. Dr. Misner will be helping us launch our event with a live, interactive,  web feed just for our San Diego event that day. If you have a question you’ve wanted to ask the founder, here is your chance to do so!

2. We will be introducing you to the new BNI Connect System- a value added platform for increased networking with your membership.

3.  Dynamo Keynote speaker Katrina P. Campau will help you break through barriers that hold you back from better results with your networking.  Her topic:

Is Your Networking Not Working?
Those who wonder why seldom find the solution.  Those who seek out new information solve the problem.

Did you know? 

► Within the first 20 seconds of meeting someone new, first impressions are made.

► Within 60 seconds, we form very strong opinions of others that are difficult to reverse.

► Statistics show that up to 45% of most business services are chosen based on the recommendation of others.

Successful business people know that building your business by referral is the most effective way to grow your business.  Why is it then when we go to networking functions we find ourselves surrounded by those who break every rule of  successful networking? Success in marketing your services by word of mouth rests solely on our skills as a communicator and the way we interact with people.  Whether it’s professional networking, online,social networking or face to face – you will walk away with new ways to increase your referability.

Master Facilitator, Katrina P. Campau engages you on how to multiply results using strengths rather than spending energy on incremental improvements trying to overcome weaknesses within the organization.

Save the date and come ready to interact with Dr. Misner, network with other members in our region and participate in power packed break out sessions designed to help you get the most of your BNI membership!

The San Diego Event starts at 7 am and wraps up at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Registration for this event will open up in the first week of January 2011.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Debbra Sweet, Director

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