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Business to Business Networking to take Place at BNI San Diego Regional Event Feb 7th, 2011

2011 February 2
by Debbra_Sweet

This event celebrates International Networking Week® – an initiative of BNI.

Why is this event being held? BNI San Diego holds this event to demonstrate the reach, exposure, and identity BNI members get when they are accepted into a chapter.  Take away with you a powerful feeling of solidarity and purpose.  Learn about subjects that you can utilize to help you grow your bottom

Are only BNI members invited?  INW is open to BNI and non-BNI members.  Network with both and broaden your connections in the professional community.

Networking doesn’t start and stop at the door of your BNI chapter meetings. Katrina Campau ,our keynote speaker, is a highly polished presenter and trainer and will help you turn around or improve your networking if is it not currently working for you the way you want it to.  If you hear yourself say “I already know how to network with my members” – the information Katrina delivers is for you. Apply this information not only to your chapter, but to your clients, prospects, and social circles as well.

What else is going on at the event?  Annual chapter awards are given to chapters for a multitude of metrics.  Take pride on your chapter’s accomplishments such as million dollar chapters, chapter size, referrals passed, etc. 

Who’s this Misner guy we keep hearing about?  Take the opportunity to ask Dr. Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI, a burning question that you have about BNI.  Dr. Misner will be live via a web feed and will do a brief state of the union and open it up for questions and answers.

What is the BNI Connect and it’s social media network important to me?
Learn why and how you can make your business presence felt through social media.

The mix of our members, and the use of social media is changing how business is being done. BNI has taken the lead in the world of effective networking and now combines it with a format that will give you a stronger local presence and also an immediate global presence if that’s the route you want to take your business.

See it in action to determine how you can leverage its technology to increase your resources and revenue.

How does the BNI Connect work and is it going to get me more business?
Just like you were taught when you first joined BNI, you only get out, what you put in.  BNI Connect is similar in principal.  If you spend time building your network and searching for the individuals you want to connect with you can increase your visibility.  Do this consistently and you will build your credibility and increase your chances for profitability both online and offine. Within the walled garden of BNI Connect- you will be able to quickly network with people who KNOW and WANT to help you with referral business.

Doors open at 7 am and we have open networking until 8:30 at the Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley. Would you like to have amazing face time for your business with professionals who KNOW how to network? If so, this event is one to attend.

Registration is still open until Feb 6th, 2011.

The San Diego Director Team looks forward to seeing you there!

Debbra Sweet

BNI Director

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