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Business to Business BNI SD Networking Event Brings Insights and New Business to Members

2011 February 9
by Debbra_Sweet

On Monday, February 7th 2011, BNI San Diego Members arrived early to the Handlery Hotel and kicked off a buzz of networking in the wee hours of the morning.

Eager to network with professionals who KNOW how to do referral based business, these BNI Members were part of the kick off celebration of International Networking Week. (R)

International Networking Week was an initiative by BNI to recognize the power that word of mouth referral marketing is having on our Global Economy.  It’s been long established that networking is something people are inclined to do. BNI serves it’s members with the knowledge and ongoing training in developing the skill sets it takes to be good at it.

This local event was bustling with members who represent a variety of professions in 37 chapters of BNI in the San Diego area.  Starting out the event was an hour and a half of time dedicated for the sole purpose of real networking.

One San Diego member, Kathie Nies, from, is a member of the BNI Platinum Professionals.   She shares that this was her first regional event by BNI. She is used to focused networking for 15 minutes on a weekly basis before her chapter meeting starts, but she was not sure of the benefit of networking with intention for an hour and a half.

She shares:

So- at yesterday’s event we spent an hour and a half networking with other chapters. At times I was thinking “what’s the point?” Well, today I got a call from someone I met. She gave me a tier 2 referral, a solid one. Already have the job…. Who knew??? (except Debbra, I’m sure!”)”

Kathie was one of many members that benefited from that time and then got to interact with the founder of BNI, Dr. Ivan Misner. Dr. Misner kicked off the formal sit down portion of the event via live web cast. The members present that day found Dr. Misner to be approachable and full of insight, knowledge and humor. For many people, having the chance to step up to the mic and ask the man who CNN calls “The Father of Modern day Networking” any question they wanted- was a pure treat.

The event went on to deliver amazing education and key insights on HOW to make sure your Networking is WORKING.

Finally, attendees got a first hand look at the new global platform of online networking now exclusively available to BNI members. This new platform is called BNI Connect and is a walled garden of highly trained business professionals who know and want to network with one another.

All in all, this years all chapter regional event was a great success for many attendees. Plans for next years kick off and celebration of International Networking Week is underway.  If past years are any indicator of attendance and interest in ongoing education on how to network more effectively, next years event will prove to many ‘the place to be’.

Here’s to great success with your networking efforts!

Debbra Sweet

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