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Business Networking Advanced Training Improves Skill Sets for BNI San Diego Members

2011 February 12
by Debbra_Sweet

I have been a BNI member for just over a year.  Although my ROI has been profitable, I believe that I have benefited just as much from non-monetary benefits of BNI as well.  Through the Advanced Training modules, I have learned to become a better communicator.  Developing my 60-second “Ask” actually forced me to pause and critically think about my business and my goals.  That simple exercise has had a dramatic effect on how I present myself.  Now, when I meet someone and they ask me what I do, I can give a clear concise explanation in an informative and professional manner.  I believe that it displays confidence in what I am doing.

Each of the Advanced Training modules that I have attended has been well worth the time spent.  I am constantly amazed that each time so much valuable information is shared.  We are so lucky!  All the “fluff” has been trimmed out.  It’s business savvy best practices shared by successful business owners intent on helping their fellow BNI members succeed.

Jacqui Riley
TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) Chapter of BNI San Diego

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