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BNI San Diego Networking Chapters Are Like a Shopping Spree to Visitors

2011 September 12
by Debbra_Sweet

When it comes to effective networking, one thing that is a common denominator that most people search for, and privately hope for is to find competent and capable businesses that they can work with.    It takes work to search out and find a good company that you can trust-whether this is for the sake of networking or being a consumer.

One of the best things about BNI is the fact that all of the members who are active within a chapter had to go through a process of reference checks, license checks, and a thorough interview before being accepted to become an active and participating member.

What does this mean to visitors who sit in on a meeting and see our members and action the very first time? Typically visitors tell us that their first impression of a well run a meeting is that it is on point, on time.  There is a high amount of energy, a deep amount of sincere camaraderie- and most importantly, what the visitors pick up on, is the fact that our members trust one another.

This trust amongst members transitions to the visitor and shows up as a desire to become part of a chapter and thankfulness towards the person who invited them. The visitors are thankful, because as they hear our members speak within the format of the chapter meeting. The visitors begin to feel that they too-have just found a network of trusted professionals.

It is a funny observation to watch, but, there is an excitement that happens when our visitors realize that they too- could use the services of our members. In fact, it is in this moment that many of our visitors share that seeing our chapters and members in action is kind of like going on a shopping spree! Those visitors feel that if they were to engage the services of our members that they would be well taken care of. That personal desire to find a professional company that you can truly trust has been met.

So the next time you are out and are in search of a particular type of company that you would like to do business with, look to our local BNI chapters first. You too could easily find a shopping spree is in order. :)

Debbra Sweet
Director Consultant for BNI San Diego.

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