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BNI Chapter Holiday Closures

2011 October 27
by Kathryn_Lodal

Submitted by Mari Lyn Richardson 

It is already the time of year when BNI chapters decide on how they want to use the Holidays to best serve their members’ businesses.  Year-end Holidays pose a challenge to doing business the referral way.  We still need to keep in touch and exchange referrals to end the year in a strong manner. A three-week hiatus during the Holidays can pose a difficult challenge in rebuilding momentum, and members still need the business.
Does your chapter plan to go dark on one of the two end-of-year weeks?  Perhaps you are planning a “social”?  What will keep the referrals flowing and start the New Year with strength and energy?  Most successful BNI chapters choose to meet every week.
Here are some basic suggestions:  If your meeting day lands on Thanksgiving or the day after, on Christmas or on New Year’s Day, it is understood that your chapter will not be meeting.  On the other hand New Year’s Eve is a great day to focus on New Year’s Resolutions for your businesses! It’s an important, lucrative business day.
Another possibility at the end of the year is that you may want to meet on a different day of the week. Or, you may want to have that chapter social to celebrate the season together and have the face-to-face contact so members can still generate business. Another option is to have a joint meeting with another BNI chapter in your area on a different day.
Remember you will want to inform your venue well in advance if you will not be there.
Enjoy the Holiday season by keeping your business strong!

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